Podcast: Big Stars + Small Screens = Tiny Audiences

The big TV story in the fall of 1971 was that movie stars were coming to the tube, including James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Shirley MacLaine, Glenn Ford, Anthony Quinn, Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis, among others. Many of them turned to TV because movie roles were growing scarce, and for lucrative paychecks. But the vehicles they chose were garden variety TV — family sitcoms and cop shows — and viewers tuned out. We look at the highest-profile failures — “The Jimmy Stewart Show,” Shirley MacLaine’s “Shirley’s World” and Henry Fonda’s “The Smith Family.”


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  1. I enjoyed this episode so much, David! I can't believe I never heard of Shirley's World or The Smith Family -- and I totally know what you mean about looking so forward to the new fall shows. I look forward to catching up with your previous podcast episodes!