"The Big House," or Slammer Time

Warren William Douchebag Theatre: "The Match King" and "Skyscraper Souls"

Salute Your Shorts: Popeye in "The Man on the Flying Trapeze" (1934)

"Danger Lights," or Honey Choo Choo

"Street Scene," or Slum Like It Hot

The David Manners Film Festival: "The Ruling Voice" and "Crooner"

"A Free Soul," or Shearer Madness

Salute Your Shorts: Popeye in "A Dream Walking" (1934)

"Three on a Match," or Ladies and the Tramp

My Old Movie Manifesto, or It Happened One Night (at My Uncle's House While I Was Watching Old Gangster Movies)

Awkward Early Talkie Theatre: "The Broadway Melody"