Podcast: A Very Short History of TV Shows with Very Short Histories

What can you say about a TV show that dies after just one episode? We can think of a few things. Here’s a look at some of the most notorious examples, including a show that forced Jackie Gleason to apologize to America, a “Laugh-In” ripoff that was cancelled midway through its only episode and a sitcom about the home life of the Hitlers. Here are their stories — their pathetic stories of massive, embarrassing failure.

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  1. Great episode, David. The television equivalent of a fart! Ha! I'd heard about You're in the Picture, but I'd love to see it -- it sounds mind-numblingly awful. TV back then was so fascinating -- can you imagine a star today coming out and saying what Gleason did on the second episode? I'd dearly love to see Turn On! And Heil Honey, I'm Home? Oh, my stars!