"A Little Erratic"

From Warner Bros. story editor Jacob Wilk to Production Head Darryl Zanuck:

April 6, 1932

The author of I Am a Fugitive from a Georgia Chain Gang is coming out to report April 13th. He has to be undercover and is traveling under a phoney name. That name is Richard M. Crane, though his real name is Robert E. Burns. The reason he is traveling under a phoney name is because the State of Georgia is after him for having escaped. Will you please inform those people with whom he is to work that should Richard Crane call, he is Robert Burns, and they will know how to treat the matter from that point on.

In our contract with Burns, we are only paying his expenses out and back; no salary for his services. You may find Burns a little erratic, but you are used to all kinds of people so I am sure you will handle him and get the best out of him.

(From Inside Warner Bros., by Rudy Behlmer)

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