Podcast: The Keefe Brasselle Story, or Godfather Knows Best

Keefe Brasselle’s show business career includes a few movies, some TV work, probable arson, extortion, kickbacks, assault with a deadly weapon and lots of threats of bodily harm. His unholy alliance with a CBS executive led to the executive’s downfall, and his repeated boasting about his mafia connections, along with his lack of any real talent, made him a bitter has-been reduced to writing and acting in a 1970s drive-in quickie. In this episode we examine Brasselle’s career and his unsavory associations.

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  1. This was a fascinating post about Keefe Brasselle, thanks. His buddy James Aubrey was also roundly derided in Hollywood. After reading up on what a lousy human Aubrey was, I couldn't understand why his lovely ladylike actress wife Phyllis Thaxter stayed married to him for so long before seeing the light and skeedaddling.

    Keep up the fascinating work!