Screen Capture Theatre: "The Hindenburg," or It's Hard Out Here for a Blimp

We go once more into the breach with Screen Capture Theatre and explore the 1975 film "The Hindenburg." Please fasten your seat belts and grab your sickness bags. 

Gutentag and welcome aboard the Hindenburg,
Germany's glorious lighter-than-air craft powered
solely by the bottled ecstasy of Hitler youth! 

The Hindenburg is the ultimate in transatlantic travel,
1937-style. The amenities are so posh, you'd think you
were on the Titanic! Elegant salons, cozy bedrooms,
sleek observation decks -- and don't forget the Sunday
Night Sauerkraut Supper!

Naturally, such a majestic craft has an impressive guest list,
beginning with Col. Erich Von Blowheim, the reluctant Nazi.

Blowheim is on board to foil the plot of a saboteur, and to
go through everyone's luggage as often as possible. 

Also aboard is the Countess von Mrs. Robinson, who keeps
calling Blowheim "Benjamin" in honor of a lost love.

And then there is LeBeau from "Hogan's Heroes" --

-- and future Gil Grissom from "CSI."

Meanwhile, in America, officials are anxiously awaiting the
Hindenburg's arrival. Says one: "Its like landing a crate
of eggs. A boobytrapped crate of eggs. A boobytrapped
crate of eggs balanced on the back of a bucking horse.
A boobytrapped crate of eggs balanced on the back of a
bucking horse in a windstorm. A boobytrapped ..."  

Meanwhile, back at the Hindenburg ...

... LeBeau is offering a one-man performance of
"Fiddler on the Roof."

The Nazis are so offended they clear the room.
Or maybe it's just excessive flatulence from the Sunday Night
Sauerkraut Supper. 

As the Hindenburg nears its New Jersey destination,
Blowheim is getting tired of re-folding everyone's

But then he finally finds the explosives that will destroy
the Hindenburg! Can he defuse the bomb in time? 

(Spoiler alert.)

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